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A New Journey

Moped has been acquired by 6Wunderkinder, the awesome makers of Wunderlist. We’ll be shutting down Moped’s service on December 31st. After that Moped will no longer be available.

We’d like to thank our investors and users who have supported us for the past two years. We’re excited about the future!

Much love,
Moped team

Sign up with LinkedIn

Recently we started to let new users sign up to Moped with their Google account. You can now sign up to Moped with LinkedIn, too. 

When you sign up with LinkedIn, you have the chance to invite your professional network to Moped. Your LinkedIn connections that are already using Moped will show up automatically in your contact list (in the new side panel). 

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Introducing the side panel

This summer, we’ve been working on making it easier to find people to communicate with in Moped. Today, we just rolled out the side panel, s you can more easily access you connections inside Moped.  

To send a message to a contact, just sroll over their name and click “Message.” 

And, you’ll also see that it’s easier (more visible) to import contacts from Google and LinkedIn. 

We hope you enjoy these updates that make it easier to find people in Moped. 

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Big updates for Android app

We’re pumped to be updating our Android app today, introducing Google sign on, and our continued roll out of the Dropbox Chooser to Moped’s app arsenal. 

The Dropbox Chooser

You can now choose Dropbox files directly from Moped, making it easier than ever to share your stuff.


Google sign on

And with Google single sign on, it’s easier than ever to sign up to Moped. Plus, when you sign up with Google we’ll automatically import your contacts so you’ll be able to start messaging with people immediately.


The Android app is available now in the Google Play store.

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Sign up with Google

You can now sign up to Moped with your Google account in 1 click. It’s never been faster to get going with Moped.

For the time being, we’ve only implemented Google sign up on

If you’ve signed up to Moped with Google at your computer, you’ll have the option to create a password so you can log in to Moped on our iPhone, Android and Mac apps

But don’t worry, we’ll be rolling Google sign up out to our other apps in due time

Choose from Dropbox

Moped now seamlessly integrates with Dropbox to make file sharing easier, faster and smarter than ever before – all without having to leave the Moped app.

Since all your stuff is stored in Dropbox anyway, Moped doesn’t need to re-upload anything. Rather, you just get a link to your file for your message.


The Dropbox Chooser is speedier than uploading a file as an attachment. All your stuff stays where you can find it later: in Dropbox where you left it. You save time and space.

The Dropbox Chooser on iPhone:


The Dropbox Chooser on desktop:


If you want to share a file that isn’t yet in your Dropbox, you’re covered. In the top-right corner of the chooser window, you can “Upload” a file which you can then choose for your message.


We’ll be updating our other apps soon. Stay tuned! 

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Moped for Mac

Today’s an exciting day for us. You know we have apps for the Web, iPhone and Android. We want you to be able to use Moped from any of your devices.

Today we’re launching Moped for the Mac. It’s free. Click here to download.


- *Free Download*
- Send files (via Dropbox)
- Send messages to email addresses
- Quick replies (Press Enter to send)
- View your contact list in separate window

If you have questions or feedback, get in touch with us, Enjoy!

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Send emails from Moped
New logo


Starting today, you’ll begin to notice the new Moped logo appear on our website, around the web and in our apps. The new logo welcomes the next stage for Moped as our product, team and company grows.  

Our passion lies at the intersection technology and communication. We’re re-imagining how you message with people you work with: your colleagues, collaborators and peers.

With a simplified user interface, the possibility to access your messages from anywhere, and by integrating with other apps and services you love, like Dropbox, IFTTT and email, we hope that Moped’s new logo becomes something you see often.

To sign up to Moped for free, click here.

Search for contacts and conversations

We’ve made it easier to search contacts and recall conversations in our web app at Just click the Search icon in the top-right corner to instantly search your contacts. 


When you click a contact, Moped will bring up the conversation with that person or let you start a new conversation. It’s easy, and it’s the fastest way to locate a contact and conversation in Moped.